The Kennebunkport

Big, bold and classic. Putting a Maine spin on collegiate glamour, The Kennebunkport’s heft and clean lines command attention and make it a natural statement piece. The style celebrates tradition, utility and substance.

The Cape Elizabeth

Cosmopolitan refinement. The Cape Elizabeth is the compact, eclectic cousin to the Kennebunkport. The smaller size and intricate detailing make it both a comfortable accent bracelet as well as a pop piece in its own right.

The Camden

Petite, soft and delicate. Perhaps the subtlest style, The Camden has a minimalist feel. With its classic three strand twisting, it showcases the essential beauty of marine rope. The lightest, slimmest style with hardware, it is a great compliment to more ornamental or delicate pieces.

The Portland

Sporty, relaxed and playful. The Portland embraces the spontaneous and the unstructured. Its lightweight and breezy design makes it an easy-going addition to any arm situation. A fresh take on a weekend piece, this cuff of curated accessory cord evokes a young, urban feel.

The Scarborough

Bare and basic elegance. Without hardware, The Scarborough attracts a true rope enthusiast. The bangle’s flexibility invites easy stacking with other pieces. Low-maintenance to the core, it goes seamlessly from one day’s look to the next.